A breakup is a very painful life experience. It is also a very common experience. Most adults have been through at least one at some point in their lives.

A breakup doesn’t have to be final.

Getting back together with your ex can be done if you give it the right approach.
This article will cover four tips that will help you in your efforts to get him or her back.

1.) Don’t let your emotions govern your actions without thinking your situation over.
Acting on your fear of loss and your need to remove the pain of breakup will worsen the situation.

2.) Give plenty of space to your ex.

You won’t get your ex back with you overnight. It’s going to take awhile. If you react too quickly, very little if anything will be accomplished.

It will probably trigger more of the fighting that caused the breakup.

This will backfire because it’ll drive him or her even further away and justify his or her decision to leave you.

Giving him or her more space will be a very hard thing to do. Your ex will need this time to really reflect on things and perhaps even start to miss you.

This means you will have to limit the texts and phone calls to your ex. Some contact on your part is needed but attempting to force the issue won’t work.

3.) Take care of yourself and get support from your friends.

The change to living alone again is never easy.

To help with this, spend time with your friends. Your emotional well being depends on it and it will improve your coping abilities.

Your emotions can have a profound effect on your physical health as well as how you experience life. Success in life is connected to your emotional well being.

4.) Consult with friends that you have in common with your ex.
They can provide good insights in regards to your ex. Since they are mutual friends, they will want to help both of you.

If appropriate, they may speak to your ex on your behalf. But don’t try to make them choose sides. They are in a delicate situation and you should appreciate this.
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