After a year or two of dating, most women find that the men start to use a little bit of interest in the relationship and they wonder why? This happens all too often and perhaps you might be in this situation right now. And this article, you will learn why this happens and what you can do about it to turn things around.

Do you remember how exciting things were at the beginning of the relationship?

Do you recall how the guy used to call you every night, longing to hear your voice on the phone? It is this “newness” that you need to bring back to relight that flame. The trick is to change the way you do things and to break that old routine.

The trick is to be unpredictable, and unexpected. Always keep him guessing as to what you are doing or what you are going to do. Arrange dates by surprise rather than stick to your regular weekly meetings with him. You can organize something that he really loves such as getting him and yourself tickets to his favorite ballgame, or simply organizing a little trip away for the weekend at a seaside resort.

The next thing that you should definitely acquire, is the skill of learning how to play difficult to get. Some girls have a natural talent for this and you will notice in most cases, their men are hanging on every word they say. Being unavailable to him every now and again can be a very good thing for the relationship. Remember that humans always want what they cannot get, but remember too that you shouldn’t overdo it. You must draw the line at some point.

Because he can’t reach you whenever he wants, or whenever he calls you, you become a little more mysterious to him.

He will be will always wondering what you are up to thus making you even more desirable and interesting. Relationships are always this way, in order to get the things you want you have to do exactly the opposite. Sometimes the more you push them away the more they want you.

Think about it, and put yourself in his shoes. Wouldn’t you also get bored if you had a man who never surprised you in any way and kept getting you the same old boring gifts? Or a man who kept taking you to the same regular places for dates year after year after year? Men are not much different to women in this respect.

It is always said that fun is the key to all happiness and that is quite true in a way. Try to change the way you behave the next time you are on a date with your guy can be a little bit more chirpy and outgoing. See if you notice any difference. Making a guy laugh can have a big impact on how he sees you as well. Try to be a little more lighthearted and don’t dampen his mood too often. If you follow these simple rules, you will find that very soon he will be calling you out a lot more often than before as you have become a lot more addictive and fun to be with.

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