Getting a second date can only mean that your first date was successful. That should increase your confidence to get ready for the second meet. You have been able to make an impression in the first date that has made you eligible for the second one. Here you can get the some ideas about the second date. When you go for second date first choose a place, where you feel comfortable and one that suits both your tastes. Having graduated to the weekend afternoon you can walk together and even hold each others hand that can even lead to the first kiss. This will add a different dimension to your relationship now.

This second date idea has universal applicability. Romance is the start to any relationship. Even if that relationship doesn’t work out, it can be instrumental at ending things on a good and positive note. This second date is a great way to spend quality time with each other, while doing something together. Dates are a way to get closer to a person who you found interesting. They need a level of romance and fun, simultaneously.

One of the most important keys to choosing the perfect spot for date number two is what you discussed on your first date. This will keep you comfortable and talking, avoiding any awkward moments of silence. Second date ideas are quite challenging because you know so little about each other, but making a second date during the day time is a far more inspiring idea than an evening date.

Some perfect location picks for your second date are:

  1. A picnic in the park
  2. Ice-skating
  3. Roller-skating
  4. Bowling
  5. A sporting event
  6. Boating or canoeing
  7. Go to the zoo
  8. Museums
  9. Festivals
  10. Rodeos
  11. Theme parks
  12. Arcades
  13. Movies

Here are some more good second date ideas:

Comedy club , this is a great place to both laugh and communicate.
Miniature golf
Outdoor activity at a park like a concert or fair
Museum if there is a subject matter in the museum that both of you are interested in.
Ice Skating, This can be particularly fun if one of you isn’t that good at it.
Do you have a good second date idea? Share it in the Comments section of this post.