People who want to know about getting an ex back need to know one thing; this is like running a race you have to take is slow and easy. You also should know that regardless of what you believe there is a time limit on that race and if you go too fast or slow you could end up missing your opportunity.

While getting an ex back is possible you need to realize that it is going to take patience on your part; if you try to call them too soon after a break up then you will only end up losing your one chance. It is vital that you give them time to mourn and get over the hurt feelings that they are feeling.

You have to stay away from your ex at the beginning stages of a break up.

Regardless of what you tend to believe chances are right now you are the last person that they want to see.

It is time that you begin doing the things that you love to do instead of hanging around waiting on your ex to come back. This will also help you get over those hurt feelings that you may be feeling. So instead of hanging out at home you should begin going out with family and friends as soon as possible.

Why not begin exercising and get back into physical shape.

Many people who are in relationships tend to let themselves get out of shape and gain weight. If your ex notices that you are taking the time to get back into shape who knows maybe they will begin trying to get back with you.

If you want to make it quick and easy to learn how to get an ex back then you have to give them time to miss you. People who allow their ex to have the necessary space they notice that they do not have to do a lot to worry about. As the days go on they begin to notice their ex hanging out at where they have been spending the time in hopes of being able to catch a glimpse of them.

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