What women worry about the date is sometimes really spectacularly funny! All worries revolve around four points, and three of them have something to do with the look. Dear ladies out there, you are driving us crazy!

If I look too fat, he thinks I’m too fat

Not surprisingly, this constant weight issue is an incredibly unattractive trait. Even though most women probably do not complain about their first date “… but I’m way too fat”, the constant worry about weight can also be less explicit. If you concern yourself with the “thick” thighs, put the scarf on your lap, or do not want to go to the bathroom, out of concern for the “fat” butt – a cramped posture is inevitable!
Of course it is easier said than done to be looser. To accept oneself and the body as it is. But how much nicer and attractive is a woman who is relaxed, who laughs, and does not nervously rump in a salad without sauce

Are my hair okay? My make-up is smeared

Constantly nervously fidgeting in your hair, look if the hairgrips are still tight and yes no hair strand has resolved – catch every glance in reflective surfaces to see if everything is still alright … unsexy !!

Please suppress these worries about the appearance of the date!
If he does not look at you with a glint, is attentive and charming, then the date is not worth it anyway. Surely you have taken in advance all the measures (a splash of perfume, face cream, lip balm), now just have to tune the chemistry.

Did I dress too sexy? Too good

So if you dress up for a date to please, then you’ve already lost half anyway. That’s why no woman should worry about dating, whether she’s dressed too sexy or too sexy. But: I like meI’m good I feel good
Although some gentlemen of creation will surely care to wear red patent leather boots with 20cm heels and a mesh top – if that’s not your style, then let it stay! Then the shock is not so great when he or she finally sees you in a spunky sweatpants for the Sunday afternoon movie!

Whether he is the right one

This is really a concern of women, who is completely wrong on the first date. And every normal man pushes the beads of sweat on the forehead! Why not give the date the chance to be completely relaxed and relaxed, to indulge in flattery in a charming environment, to slowly find pleasure in a human being
Whether he is the right person will only become apparent in the course of time.
And anyway: the right one for what’s for lifePlease do not go crazy with such unfulfillable expectations and rather enjoy a heart-and-heart-and-butterflies-inducing evening!