Do you know what you are doing? making sentences like “Hey pretty, You look charming” OK I ve said this before andhere again — pretty girls want to be complimented, they cry for it, beg for it, pray for it, but you dear not throw it allout if you want to go far.

It is often the first character of a “wus” to pour it all out, sing off his tongue.

he will yet get tired while the tough guysgo home with the babe. The tough guy is composed and separated and hardly make do with all those trial and error.I know A guy on facebook, “the woman praise singing kind of guy,” he speaks of her publicly, tell all his friends abouther, tell her how much he loved her, promised to humbly marry her, did all the do-able(s) but one day he told me howhe hasn’t even kissed her before, how he want to wait till they get married, How he would die if she lives himGuess what!

a day came and she dumped him. When it happened he cried as usual on facebook, and we all heard theloud wail, it was like that of a lion, a wounded one. Many sympathized with him and I said “hey, be the man” At first I wanted to help him but I later figured he was bent on doing the same thing everytime he is presented with another girl. he is sort of stuck with this attitude.

It has failed him a couple of time but he was yet not ready to let go.

Every beautiful girl would fight this kind of ideas with every thing she’s got, “why try to take what keeps us alive”They once thundered, they could fight you if you deny them compliment and they would also count you out if you giveit to them or better still call you a nice friend. I guess that would be OK for few.But for me I’d rather stick to being the tough, confident guy who gets cocky and funny. they get the beautiful girls,they straw them with their cocky attitude giving them those bullsh*t approach while the girls work harder to impressthem. I’d better be in this group. Really, I am here.See more on why you don’t ever tell a beautifulgirl how beautiful she looks —


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