Figuring out how to get someone back after a breakup can be difficult to do. There are various people that will offer their assistance. But the truth is if the people offering their help clearly do not have a strong understanding of your situation, you may end up facing the task of getting a girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse back on your own.
In order to get someone back, you need to determine what exactly went wrong to make you lose that person in the first place. It can be daunting to have to think about a breakup, but this is the first crucial part in fixing what has already been done.

Try to pinpoint the different things that you did wrong while you were still involved in your relationship.

Even though its not a wise decision to put all of the blame for a breakup on one person, you will need to think about what you did in order to rectify the reasons that the breakup happened.

After you have sat back and pondered about your relationship and your breakup, then you can begin trying to think about different things that you can do to reverse the outcome that occurred. You can begin by trying to make subtle changes to your attitude and do little things that you can ensure your ex would have liked. If you and your ex are on talking terms, and the breakup ended rather nicely it is a lot easier to work on your problems in order to get your ex back again.

However, if your breakup ended on adverse terms you will need to try to do everything that you can in order to get your ex to notice you. No, this does not involve stalking them or trying to push them into talking to you. The process may be longer when a breakup was bad if you are trying to get someone back, but there are a lot of people that have had success all the same.

One thing that many people fail to do before getting someone back, is try to befriend them again first.

Since the larger part of relationships begin as friendships you will need to recondition yourself to become a friend to your ex again. This can be difficult, so try to take baby steps at first.

Never try to buy your ex back with extravagant gifts or try to force them to think about you two together. By simply watching what you do, and monitoring yourself without a doubt you will be able to rekindle the flame that has burned out.

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