Actually it is already paradoxical. Even if you have only known a certain person for a few weeks or months, you sometimes get him so much faith and good faith that only his best friends have worked out over a long period of time. The culprit is the pink glasses that sometimes sit firmly on the tip of your nose. But sometimes she slips away.

“Trust is good, control is better,” says an old proverb. Of course, that’s not true in every case. After all, a partnership should be about building trust and nurturing and cultivating it. But sometimes the thoughts go crazy and one or the other uncertainty will not let you go. So many reasons for such a change, there are so many possible solutions. But not all lead to the same success.

What to expect from a partnership

“The best proof of love is trust,” Joyce Brothers once said. And even if such wisdom is easily spoken, most would agree with it. Anyone who embarks on a new partnership hopes in the best case to win over a person with whom one can exchange intimate things and give their full and complete confidence. Wherever confidence breaks, the scaffolding quickly starts to wobble, especially when it’s still very fresh.

From the mosquito to the elephant

But what do you do when you are actually freshly in love and still one or the other doubts about a nagtschnell quickly from small inconsistencies in your own head from a mosquito an elephant and you would like to be under apex-detectives. someone who uses a large flashlight to bring light to where the dark clouds are floating. Especially if one has perhaps made bad experiences in old relationships that have not yet been adequately processed, one may sometimes try to misinterpret signals and start from the worst. However, the other way around, you should not shuffle clear signals that your partner is lying to you.

The path over the ditch

Not always the question arises whether the trust placed in the partner is justified, but if then one should take it seriously. And as it is in most cases, a conversation can work wonders. Before you start secretly browsing things or making other inquiries, it’s always better to go the honest way and share your worries and concerns with the partner. Often, fears are self-explanatory, and the conflict resolution mechanisms are equally tested.