Divorce can leave us devastated and broken, however when the time comes for you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, moving back into the unfamiliar territory of dating is something you will probably need to consider.
Try to let go of what has been going on in the past. Moving forward will be tough if you can’t settle your feelings regarding the break-up from your husband or wife. When you are at peace with yourself, you’ll soon realize how much clearer things start to become, hence paving the way for your recovery.

Take up new interests.

Perhaps you’ve always thought about learning photography. Participating in new activities early on after divorce or separation will help you reinvent qualities within yourself you probably considered don’t exist anymore. And at the same time you will be associating with new people.


Many people see volunteering as not a very productive way to be spending valuable time. However devoting quality time to helping others is all about making yourself a better person, and if you are a believer in karma, which I am, helping others will set you up for good things to happen in your life.

One of the most successful ways to find old friends and stay in touch is social networking. With Face Book and My Space, not only are you able to easily keep in touch with friends you see often, but you can rekindle old friendships, make new friends and discover other networks or groups of interest. Social networking sites often have many various groups you can join. There’s sure to be a group with loads of single parents and divorcees who can relate to your stage of life.

Being in a long term relationships often contributes to losing touch with social advancements.

If you are recently divorced, we urge you to take a look at how online dating is changing the landscape of love. Online dating is now the new cool, just ask any young technologically savvy person. With computers and mobile devices playing such a pivotal role in connection people, online dating is at the forefront of this technology.

Plan your return to the land of dating strategically. Any plan, whether it be for social or business endeavors needs to be well thought out for a successful execution. We recommend making yourself the best possible person inside and out, offer to help others in need when you can, build your own self worth through diet, exercise, partaking in personal interests and show the world what a special person you are and become at peace with yourself.

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