If you and your girlfriend have split up then you may be very sad and upset. It is not a nice situation to be in at all. The pain involved can make it difficult to lead a normal life, even sleeping can be hard. But all is not lost, you can learn how to get your ex girlfriend back by using the following techniques. Take time to understand exactly how to go about it as you do not want to drive her into another man’s arms.

1. If you happen to see her when she is out with her friends then do not get angry or upset, keep calm, ask her how she is, and be polite to her friends. There is absolutely no need to create a public scene; it will not do you any favours.

2. It can help to avoid the places that you know she will be even if this means not going to your favorite bar or restaurant.

It will not help your situation if you keep seeing her out and about.

3. Do not call her up or send her email or even text messages. Break off all communication for the short term. Although this may be painful for you it will result in her calling you up to find out how you are and what you are doing.

4. It is essential to stay emotionally strong. If you appear weak and cry in front of her then it will not help your situation. Think back to when you got together; did you beg and cry then? It is highly unlikely that you did! Use your extra time to do activities that you enjoy, this will make your mood feel better and your attitude will change.

5. Spend some money on improving your looks. Buy yourself some new clothes and get a haircut. She will be pleased that you are making an effort.

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