What women look for in men
Women are good observers who pay attention to many little things – not only externals.

What women Want

Women value reliability and do not like to wait. They appreciate a natural, well-groomed and type-appropriate appearance. They pay special attention to hands and eyes and know how to interpret the facial expressions. They like the direct look in the eyes and an uncontrived, happy laugh.
They love well-fitting and clean, ironed clothes that put the masculine in the best light. Therefore you should not appear in an outfit at the date, which throws together and looks like it has been worn several times.
Women are very sensitive to odors. The subtle touch of a pleasant eau de toilette already provides benefits. Women want to be conquered, but not assailed. They value a humorous and witty conversation in which the man takes part on his own.

Small verbal attentions or spontaneous remarks about their appearance are also desired. When it really crackles during the date, many women appreciate the direct question for more.

What women do not like

Patchy cheerfulness is absolutely out of place, as well as loud laughter and jokes below the waistline.
Women have a fine sense for any form of pretension or acting. A constant self-congratulation quickly becomes annoying and boring. Equally dull, they find it when talking only about the job or the car. They do not like it when it comes to being blasphemed about other women, or when the man contributes to any topic, even if he has no idea about it.

Signals of the woman

Women send out clear signals about what they like and what they do not like. If a woman suddenly becomes taciturn, avoids phrases in conversation, or has extreme physical detachment from the outset, one can assume that the chemistry is not right.